Formation really believes that in order for the Black Community to gain equality and power that young black people should be helped, guided and mentored through education to shape their lives into being business owners, as entrepreneurs and having successful careers.

We are using our musicality and creativity to support charities and bursaries such as the Amos Bursary, Leading Routes, and The Black Excellence Network, all of which do exactly this. 

Please help us by donating at so we can help these organisations do what they do best and give opportunities to our young black community. 

Additionally…the track was not originally produced as a direct response to the BLM movement. We recorded this a few months ago for an unrelated reason, but after the loss of George Floyd and many others we lost our desire to release it. However, Formation is passionate about impactful and positive change and so felt it necessary to contribute by using our platform and creativity to do that.

It was a was coincidence that this was the song chosen and that the events in the US are connected lyrically, however our hope is that the evil actions of one man doesn’t take away from the symbol of Love, Hope, Honour, Respect and Unity we traditionally attribute taking a knee to mean…and in Honour, in Respect, in Unity and in Love we direct all donations to the above organisations.

Please join us to support these charities designed to build opportunities in the young black community by donating to the go fund me –

And if you’d like more information on these organisations please follows the sites here:

– The Amos Bursary –

– Leading Routes –

– The Black Excellence Network –

The children ARE the future.

Thank you so much!

The team at Formation Band

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