Formation has an awesome new DJ Live option. We merge both the DJ vibe with Live musicians and singers to create an amazing unique blend!

Our Formation DJ’s work with the crowd just like a DJ would in any event by pulling out hit after hit and reading the audiences energy and the musicians and singers who know every song perform them interactively with the crowd. It’s really something to be seen, heard and experienced.

Take a look at the video for an insight into the kind of evening you have! Music can include classic soul and motown, to sing long pop songs, all the way into house, garage and dance tracks as well as some pop drum and bass if the mood is right!

A huge range of styles played seamlessly into one another and always keeping the guests wondering what’s coming next! If it’s going well we even rewind the track right back to the beginning! 

The line up can be as small as a 3 piece, including our DJ, 1 Singer and a Sax player or Percussionist.

All of which can be on and off of the dance floor and interacting with you and your guests. You can then tailor the act to any size above that. You could want 2 Singers and the Sax player and so would book a 4 piece. You could want 4 Singers, Sax, Percussion and Violin meaning you’d book an 8 piece.

There are so many options to fit all needs and we’re happy to help you choose what’s best for you.

We are also happy to take requests and pick music suited to you audience so if you have a crowd who loves 90s Garage then you got it!

The other great thing about DJ Live is that it can also help with smaller venues if space is limited. 

Drop us a message today and we can see what works for you!

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